Monday, February 22, 2010

Under Those Branches

As under the arms of the old oak I lay,
I let my thoughts drift out over that grass.
While the canopy held the harsh sky at bay,
daisies and buttercups rapt my elation.

With not yet one score of age to my name,
bestowing to old arms respect and awe.
Beauty now past that I hoped to reclaim,
wisdom of ages wrapping around me.

Though living my life to some degree,
I felt I never had what I sought.
Ignoring all that I thought sultry,
Looking for elusive harmony.

My view from upon this high-land,
did put my running mind to rest.
My folly over the land blazoned,
Searching for that which I held close.

Rolling green to me present,
a mirror to ones own self.
The end of my sad lament,
chiming a soft crisp answer.

My wounds disappearing,
my eyes opening wide.
The mist began clearing,
rain washing that day down.

Sky stout with thunder,
heart starting lifting.
Cast doubt asunder,
Jubilant climax.

Lonely hilltops
bring company.
In hard raindrops,
held rays of sun.

Mind now free,
through insight.
Wise old tree,
standing straight.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Protanomaly Love

Roses are green,
violets are purple.
Honey is sweet;
nothing rhymes with purple.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Not Quite a Hero

I woke up that day in the sleepy weekend lie-in haze. The warm summer sun was streaming onto my face through the thin white curtains so I rolled over with a groan and drifted back off to sleep. Soon thought I was rising back out of the folds of sleep back into a waking state.

I half opened one of my eyes and tilted my head towards the table by my bed. I squinted against the sun, trying to read the digital red display of my alarm clock. After a while struggling and not being able to read the time I sighed, gave up any attempt not to wake full and then lifted my head.

As I blinked my eyes I noticed that the reason I couldn't work out the time was that the display on my alarm clock was blank. I reached over and tried the switch on the bedside light and clicked it uselessly on and off. I rolled back onto the pillow and stared up at the ceiling while thinking about the power cut.

Without looking I groped across the bedside table with my hand for my watch. When I felt it's cold metal circle I grabbed it and raised it in-front of my face and read the time. It was already half eight and I should have already left the house and be on the road halfway to work.

I threw myself out of bed and stumbled towards the bathroom. Once I was in the bathroom I started to frantically brush my teeth. As I brushed with one hand I reached into the shower cubical with the other and turned on the shower. After finishing with my teeth I stepped into the shower, expecting it to be pre-warmed and was shocked to discover it was ice cold.

Leaping quickly out of the stream I quickly dried myself, the cold having washed any remaining sluggishness from sleep away. I put on my shirt and tie with previously unseen rapidity in an attempt to warm up a bit quicker. Now dress, I ran down to the kitchen and poured myself a bowl of cornflakes and milk and started to wolf down my breakfast.

As I chewed on the crunchy cereal I looked at the boiler to try to discover the reason for the lack of hot water. Noticing that I couldn't see the small blue flicker of the pilot light inside the boiler I prodded the reset button in an attempt to relight it. However after a dull thud and click there was still no sign of that warming ghostly glow. Chalking this up to the lack of electricity I finished my bowl of breakfast while staring out across the lawn of my back garden.

I rinsed my bowl under the cold tap and then grabbed my keys from the stand by the door before opening the front door and leaving my house. As I stepped onto the gravel driveway the silentness of the outside hit me. I paused in my hurried rush to the car as I strained my ears to try to hear any sound, but I could hear nothing; not even a tweet of a song bird.

"That's strange," I thought as I looked around in the branches of the tree, "I'd not noticed the singing of the birds." I chuckled to myself as I realised that the could be only answered with a terse, "Exactly."

Somehow I justified the silence to myself based on the power cut, although looking back at it now I realise it was just a not-so-subtle self deception. Pushing these worrying thoughts to the back of my mind I continued my charge towards the garage. I fumbled with the keys in my hand and slid the garage door up over my head after unlocking it.

With a click of my keys the lights on my black Mondeo blinked at me and I was caught by a wave of relief. Some technology was still working and I'd managed to get back to a common and well known part of my morning routine. I walked towards the drivers door and paused as I rested my hand on the black plastic door handle.

I heard the gravel shift on my driveway but had no time to turn to see what it was. When I got my bearings again I found I was pinned to the floor by an intruder. I could smell blood in the air and could hear rabid chattering from my attacker's mouth as it sank towards my neck. I must have blacked out as the last thing I can remember is the pain from his teeth sinking into my neck and the force of his arms and body pinning me to the cold concrete floor.

"So yeah," I said, finishing my tale, "that's my story of how I got here. Now you know that, can you let me in Peter?"

The man who I was addressing paused and looked me up and down as he sucked air in through his teeth, "I don't know, it's going to be tricky. You see, we're very busy today, far more people than usual want to come in." He gave me an apologetic smile as he continued, "You seem a good guy and I'm sure if it was a normal day I'd let you in without a second thought, but... well... today is different."

Monday, February 01, 2010

Sweet Things Never Last

I scribe an incantation,
while you lie miles away.
Your radiant smile a ray,
my understanding dissolved.
Lost within each other
whenever we finally meet.
Do you think the public stare;
or is this emotion only ours?
Separation is bitter,
condensing our moments,
sticking to our mind.

Today you mentioned it,
the future from which we've run.
Talk of that other place
brings only neutral thought.
Have I accepted the fate,
or do I turn a blind eye?
Through all our strong emotions;
sweet things never last.

Will it happen slowly?
Will we both agree?
Parting with fake smiles,
both wishing for a lie.
Will you come surprise me,
or will I hold the axe?
The how of the end the mystery,
as everything someday ends.