Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Do Atheists Believe in Tuesdays?

The description of atheists as not believing in gods or any supernatural entities is simplistic and wrong. You would have great difficulty finding an atheist who denied the existence of religious churches. Those churches are built by people who believe in one or more gods. Therefore the concept of gods exists and has been used to justify building great cathedrals and in fighting bloody wars. To deny the very existence of deities as being not real is as preposterous as claiming that concepts such as happiness aren't real.

Once this has been established, discussions of the nature of religion therefore must focus on the supernatural forces involved or the intentions of the gods. The former being tricky to discuss due to supernatural forces with irrefutable evidence being called natural forces. The latter is equally problematic as intentions and conscious experience bring together all the uncertainty of experience and free will that we have as individuals, let alone beings and persons external to ourself.


Zaphodikus said...

I'm going to go and have a cup of tea (without leaves) after that.

HHM said...

Very well said. I find this a very satisfying way to think about delusions and hallucinations as well.