Sunday, June 25, 2006

Emotion to sentence part 1

Love is when you start caring about someone else more than yourself.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Burnt Bridges

To burn bridges to stop temptation does not help defeat it. Strength of mind does not come from one destructive act. One moment of fortitude giving an irreversible action doesn't give you freedom.

Deliverance comes not from being forced but from choice.

If you fear being control by possessions, do not give up all possessions. If you are worried about appearing wrong, don't hide in situations where you can never be wrong.

Burning bridges leaves only ashes and there is always the ford to cross the river.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Creed point 479

I believe in choice.
I believe in weighing up quality of life against the sanctity of life.
I believe in euthanasia.

Does that mean that I should believe that in some cases that suicide is a 'good death'; an end to suffering.

If death is a valid exit from terminal physical illness, logically death must be a valid exit from terminal extreme mental illness.

The writing of the words (with HTML tags added to demonstrate) offer the resolution: euthanasia for physical suffering is about shortening an already shortened life, this is where it differs from suicide.

That just raises more issues though:
  • Why does an already shortened life mean it's acceptable to shorten it further?
  • Is it even the case that euthanasia is only used when life has already been shortened by an illness?
  • Is the separation between a physical illness and a mental illness in the cognitive ability of the patient?
  • Don't the mentally ill have moments of lucidness?
  • Why is it perfectly acceptable, if not even sometimes the recommended or desired choice, to put an animal down?
  • Animals still feel pain, they exhibit self awareness, they exhibit compassion, how are they so different from us; particularly when they are not the ones making the choice?
  • Is the difference because we can build pyramids and animals never do?
  • I've not even fleetingly touched upon the fact that the world containing more than one person and that our actions affect others as much as they affect us.

The above is why I will never be a law maker, I'm too open to suggestions, too scared to try to cage an idea or draw a line. Perhaps I should take the easy line and praise the sanctity of life above all else.